Talk discusses how to defuse workplace conflicts

The Brunei Institute for Leadership and Islamic Finance (BILIF) held a roadshow for Baiduri Bank managers and officers at the Baiduri Community Space of Baiduri Bank Headquarters on Monday.

The roadshow began with an introduction to BILIF followed by a bitesize talk titled Conflict Management Manual facilitated by Allen Ang, the principal consultant and trainer of EpiPeople Consultants as well as certified behavioural and career consultant.

The talk included a preview for BILIF’s Conflict Management programme which highlighted ‘Emergence of Conflict’, ‘Conflict Escalation’ and ‘Climax in the Conflict’. Several interactive activities were held to increase attendees’ understanding on handling workplace conflicts.

This talk was part of a series of roadshows that runs until September to promote awareness for BILIF’s recent rebranding.

Various BILIF programmes and events to enhance and promote human capacity development in the financial industry as well as the private and public sectors will be showcased during these roadshows.

Allen Ang delivers the talk. PHOTO: BILIF