Talk discusses AI solutions to customer engagement

Izah Azahari

Data has now become a source of economic value as a business, irrespective of size, uses data collection where they store, secure and harness information. The question is how to apply or monetise that data.

This was stated by Chief Executive Officer of imagine Sdn Bhd Suzannawati binti Haji Suharju during her talk on ‘Productising and deploying AI Solutions across multiple verticals to drive customer interactions’, held as part of the Smart Nation through Digital Transformation Conference at the Musyawarah Hall, International Convention Centre (ICC), Berakas yesterday.

Presenting on data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), she said 410,000 Internet users out of 413,000 are on social media, showing a significant growth in the use of mobile and smart devices, according to a 2020 statistics.

This implies Brunei’s readiness to ride the digital wave as a nation.

“Every minute we create so much information and data,” said the CEO.

Chief Executive Officer of imagine Sdn Bhd Suzannawati binti Haji Suharju delivers her talk. PHOTO: IZAH AZAHARI

“We’ve essentially doubled the use of our data compared to 2019.”

Suzannawati said imagine has moved into a highly competitive market and one of the things the company wants to do is ensure customers loyalty.

Using data and analytics, the CEO said they are able to make an informed decision on how to launch the brand better, as well as interact with customers better.

“Based on studies, most decision makers and board members see data analytics and AI to be the top two criteria they assess and consider in making well-informed decisions in their organisations,” added the CEO.

She also shared the partnership between imagine and Lynx Analytics to bring in international expertise to provide government and corporate organisations the opportunity to leverage on AI-driven analytics to transform customer interaction and support the commercialisation of new services for industries ranging from telecommunications, banking, retail and pharmaceuticals.

The Customer Happiness Index (CHI) solution to enable identifying customer satisfaction using a NPS prediction model to classify customers who are potential promoters, passives and detractors, and a call to action to get in touch with imagine Sdn Bhd were also discussed.