Talented artists show colours at Decade of Talents

|     Izah Azahari     |

MERAGANG Sixth Form Centre (PTEM) launched its Art & Design Showcase 2019 titled PTEM’s DOT (Decade of Talents) yesterday. It is held from July 21 to 28 on the first floor of the Citis Square building in Berakas to demonstrate and exhibit their students’ artistic talents.

Acting Director of Schools at the Department of Schools, Ministry of Education Zainal Abidin bin Haji Kepli, the guest of honour, launched the event.

The event opened with the recitation of Surah Al-Fatihah and Doa Selamat along with a welcoming speech by PTEM Acting Principal Ricky Chong Meng Ho, who highlighted that the works on display are produced by students currently studying at PTEM as well as the student alumni from the Berakas Sixth Form Centre (PTEB).

The acting principal explained that some of the exhibition’s objectives are to broaden the minds and expand the knowledge in the art field, especially for new students who are still studying in the secondary level, as well as to give an opportunity to art students, teachers and the public to visit the exhibition organised by the PTEM students and PTEB alumni, including motivating students interested to continue their higher studies in the field of art.

Guest of honour Acting Director of Schools at the Department of Schools, Ministry of Education Zainal Abidin bin Haji Kepli looks at some of the artworks at the Decade of Talents (DOT) art exhibition
ABOVE AND BELOW: Guests take a look at some of the artworks at the art exhibition. – PHOTOS: RAHWANI ZAHARI

The event continued with a speech by a representative of DOT Ikmalina Hakimah binti Haji Md Yunus. She explained that PTEM has now been established for more than a decade, where it first operated in 2005 as PTEB in Kampong Lambak Kiri before moving to the new location in Kampong Meragang in 2009 to become PTEM.

Ikmalina Hakimah added that the Department of Art and Design would like to commemorate the success and achievements garnered throughout more than a decade since PTEM’s establishment through the exhibition, which is also hoped to bring back memories and achievement stories of the alumni and students of Art and Design.

She said, “A number of the former students and alumni of Art and Design have become involved in the field of film industry, fashion industry, art study, info-creative and technology, as well as entrepreneurship, where they have exhibited the results of their work within and outside the country.”

The objective of the exhibition, Ikmalina Hakimah said, is to bring the society’s perception towards the field of art and design towards a higher level, along with teaching youth to build confidence and a strong sense of identity in their lives.

The exhibition is also hoped to strengthen the bonds between secondary students and higher education institution students within the country, as well as to act as a platform and stepping stone for students to prepare themselves before going into the creative art industry as a career for the future.

“The value of local artworks has already begun to be accepted and this achievement is expected to help the students and alumni to venture into creative arts and designs with greater confidence as full-time careers,” said the DOT representative.

The event continued with the presentation of certificates by the guest of honour to the event’s sponsors, followed by the official opening ceremony of the art exhibition by the guest of honour and a tour around the exhibition.

The PTEM DOT art exhibition emphasises art with the notion of transformation in life, which aims to witness and share the changes and success of their students that hope to inspire other youth to new heights of expression as part of their life.