Talent showcase at Open Day event

|     Nur Nazefah binti Mohd Hisham     |

ST JAMES’ School, Kuala Belait held its annual Open Day on Saturday, August 4. Parents and guardians as well as the public were invited to enjoy and enliven the event.

The event began with the recitation of Doa followed by the welcoming speech by the school Principal Cikgu Haji Muhd Masa Masdi bin Muhd Sai’dun.

The objectives of the event were clarified during his speech. During the event, the students and teachers had the chance to show their talents and skills on stage.

The students set up various kinds of food and drink stalls at the school compound.

There were also games, pet show, film showing, bouncer and more organised by the students.

St James’ School Principal Cikgu Haji Muhd Masa Masdi bin Muhd Sai’dun addresses the event
Kindergarten students during a performance