Taking temperature checks to the next level

Izah Azahari

Since the first COVID-19 outbreak in the Sultanate, body temperature checks have become a new norm to gain entrance into public places.

With many carrying it out manually with a hand-held temperature gun, other places began innovating the use of various automated thermal scanner devices.

According to Sales Executive of Danawan Technologies Sdn Bhd Han, during the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak, his company started taking precautions in March by temperature monitoring and logging of staff and visitors. It came to the company’s realisation that using a forehead thermometer was inefficient as it required constant sanitisation after use.

“Sometimes the forehead thermometer will lag and not give an accurate temperature measurement so we looked for an automated, hassle-free and user-friendly device,” said Han.

With this, the company was introduced to the Scudo ST-22F – an eight-inch multifunctional body temperature measuring unit with face recognition capabilities providing hassle-free and security control for people entering a building or workplace.

The Scudo ST-22F – an eight-inch multifunctional body temperature measuring unit with face recognition capabilities. PHOTO: RAHWANI ZAHARI

“The thermal scanner was introduced to us from our technology partner in Malaysia,” said Han. “When an individual comes within the viewing angle of the camera, the thermal scanner captures the person’s face. Then, the infrared camera will locate the hottest point on the face and display the temperature.”

Han added that if an individual’s temperature is above the normal body temperature, the device will generate a visible and audible alarm to alert the individual and the public that the individual is not within the permissible temperature range to enter the premises, as well as create a log of any individual that has gone through its scan that can be viewed and exported for contact tracing.

Initially imported solely for the company’s own office use, the positive feedback and comments from colleagues and visitors led them to import more units and introduce to business sectors in Brunei.

“Currently, we have deployed a few units at a local bank, cafe and restaurants. We are planning to deploy more units at various locations in the coming weeks,” added Han. “We hope to introduce this as a first line of protection against COVID-19 and hope others will use this device as a tool to adhere to the social distancing practice, especially when you need an individual to scan your temperature, lessen the foot traffic and aid in the event contact tracing is required.”

Han said although Brunei has zero cases at the moment, the people in the country should not let their guard down and everyone should play their part to prevent the spread of COVID-19, in hopes that all local businesses, workplaces and government offices will make temperature scanning and logging mandatory, automatous and available around the clock without the need for human intervention.