Take advantage of all our assets, resources

COVID-19 first spread around the world 18 months ago. The authorities were stellar in handling the first wave when the virus first arrived on Brunei shores. As a result, we got to enjoy over a year of no local transmissions.

However, when the news broke that there was community spread in the Sultanate and that we had entered the second wave, I believe it caught the authorities by surprise.

There have even been incidents signalling that this time around, the crisis may need a lot of more concerted efforts to put the lid back on the spread.

Perhaps the authorities could consider enlisting the help of those specialised in crisis management, such as personnel involved in natural disasters.

The emergency situation such as the second wave is just what these personnel have trained for. While the directives will still be implemented by the health authorities, I believe that these personnel could modify their disaster management system for the current outbreak.

In these pandemic times, we all have to do what is best for our country, which means taking advantage of all our assets and resources to ensure the whole-of-nation approach is properly carried out.

The Writer