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Taj-Najah programme adds fun to learning

Daniel Lim

A total of 50 students from Arabic schools across the country gathered at Belait Arabic School at Jalan Dipa Negara in the Belait District to partake in a series of activities held as part of the Taj-Najah programme yesterday morning.

The programme – held in preparation for the students’ progress assessment for Arabic Schools – is an initiative by Belait Arabic School allowing participants to work on the various curricula and subjects through fun and engaging activities.

The Sanah 8 students hailed from Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Arabic School, Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Hajah Saleha Girls Arabic Religious Secondary School, Ma’had Islam Brunei, Belait Arabic School and Temburong Arabic Preparatory School.

Head of Arabic School Unit Hajah Rusidah binti Haji Talip was the guest of honour.

In her speech, Belait Arabic School Headmistress Hajah Noramalina binti Haji Md Ali explained that the programme helps students brush up on various topics through games and activities, while at the same time, communicating and working together as a team.

ABOVE & BELOW: Photos show students and teachers participating in a host of activities lined up for the Taj-Najah programme. PHOTOS: DANIEL LIM

The games and activities included a treasure hunt, spin the wheel and wordwall, corresponding to subjects such as Al-Quran, Arabic language, Al-Tauhid, Al-Fiqh Al-Islami, Al-Tarikh Al-Islami and Al-Tafsir Al-Hadith.

The programme’s primary focus was to have participants apply the theoretical knowledge learnt, into the games they played.

Additionally, the line-up of activities introduced students to methods that can be applied to ease the process of reviewing and recalling the vital information in each subject.

The programme helped foster an attitude of helping, tolerance and communicating effectively among group members.

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