Switching up indie fun

Danial Norjidi

A new Indie World Showcase was broadcast on December 15, highlighting a selection of indie games making their way to Nintendo Switch.

The video presentation kicked off with the announcement that critically acclaimed 2D platformer Spelunky and its sequel Spelunky 2 will both be coming to Switch in summer 2021.

Speaking during the showcase, Derek Yu from developer Mossmouth said, “Spelunky was an important game to the action roguelike genre and we’re thrilled to be able to follow it up with a wild sequel that features a larger world with even deeper secrets.

“Both games are great to play with friends or on the go, but no matter how you choose to play, we can’t wait for you to experience the Spelunky series on Nintendo Switch.”

Spelunky is a unique platformer with randomly-generated, fully-destructible levels, where players journey deep underground to explore places filled with monsters, traps and treasure.

Its sequel, Spelunky 2, “builds upon the unique, randomised challenges that made the original a classic, offering a huge adventure designed to satisfy old and new players”, according to the official game page.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure. PHOTO: USTWO GAMES

Next up was Fisti-Fluffs, an action brawler developed by Play Fellow Studio “in which cats duke it out to determine the world’s best feline fighter”. Set for release in early 2021, this physics-based party game sees players “tussle with other cats and destroy environments in frenetic over-the-top battles”.

Toyful Games’ couch co-op party game Very Very Valet was then shown as a timed Nintendo Switch exclusive for early 2021. The title sees “one-to-four players control an ‘elite’ team of puppet valets, working together to overcome any and all valet-related challenges”, as they work “to save the world from a severe parking crisis”.

Set for release in March 2021 is Tunche, a hand-drawn beat’em up title set in the magical world of Amazonia, featuring rogue-like elements, four-player couch co-op and five playable characters.

Speaking at the showcase, Jorge Garcia & Francisco Mora from Tunche developer LEAP Games Studios in Lima, Peru said, “Through hand-drawn animations and characters, we would like to share with you this world that is very dear to our hearts. You will embark on a journey to find new friends, deal with the past and uncover the mysteries of the rainforest.”

Cyber Shadow was then featured with a January 26, 2021 release date. Developed by Mechanical Head Studios, Cyber Shadow is a ninja action platformer with an 8-bit art style that sees the player dash, slice and leap through futuristic levels as they take down over a dozen apocalyptic bosses, while rescuing their ninja clan to unlock Ninjutsu skills and abilities.

Also announced was the immediate availability of Calico. Speaking on the title, Samantha Green from Whitethorn Games described it as “a relaxing pastel-coloured community sim full of magical girls, cuddly creatures and towns folk looking to make new friends. It’s the perfect way to cosy up with a blanket, a cup of tea and spend some time in our cafe”.

Another upcoming title is Alba: A Wildlife Adventure by UsTwo Games, which arrives on Switch in spring 2021. The game follows the story of a young activist named Alba as she sets out to save a beautiful Mediterranean island and its wildlife with her grandfather and her friend Ines.

Next to feature was role-playing social deduction game Gnosia, which releases in early 2021.

According to Toru Kawakatsu, Producer and Director at developer Petit Depotto, “A mysterious life form called the Gnosia has blended in amongst your crew. It is your goal to find out who it is and put it into cold sleep. Each playthrough takes between five and 15 minutes to complete. You can customise the number of Gnosia and roles to play against a maximum of 14 non-playable characters (NPCs).”

Horror adventure title Happy Game arrives on Switch in Spring 2021. Describing the title, Jaromír Plachý from developer Amanita Design said, “We find ourselves playing as a young boy who experiences a terrible nightmare passing through various unique worlds filled with tasks and puzzles.”

Players looking for a challenge will find it in 2D platformer Super Meat Boy Forever, which arrives tomorrow as a console launch exclusive on Switch.

A sequel to 2010’s Super Meat Boy, the game features thousands of handcrafted levels for players to conquer.

The immediate availability of Grindstone was also announced.

As Farah Coculuzzi from Capybara Games explained, “Grindstone brings a brutal world of cartoon puzzle battles to Nintendo Switch.” The game sees players craft gear and overcome devious enemies, obstacles and boss encounters as they take on more than 200 levels.

The showcase then proceeded with a montage of games, beginning with When the Past was Around, an adventure point-and-click puzzle title by Mojiken Studio, which is available now; comedy adventure game Kosmokrats by Pixel Delusion, releasing on March 2021 as a timed console exclusive; puzzle-platformer Hoa by Skrollcat Studio, releasing on April 2021; adventure game Hazel Sky by Coffee Addict Studio, launching March 2021; hand-drawn sailing simulator Trash Sailors by Flucky Machine, set to arrive on spring 2021; and adventure role-playing game Finding Paradise by Freebird Games, launching in spring 2021.

The presentation concluded with the announcement of the immediate arrival of hugely popular online multi-player social deduction title Among Us on the Switch.

Developed by Innersloth, the game sees four-10 players attempt to prepare their spaceship for departure, while also being wary of one or more players among the crew who have been randomly selected as impostors aiming to sabotage the mission and eliminate their crewmates.