Swedish domestic spy agency notes rise in xenophobia

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — The Swedish domestic security agency has noted a rising “xenophobic and radical nationalist current” in Sweden, also alerting to budding approaches between the white power movement and unorganised xenophobic groups.

The agency, known as SAPO, says these groups, which are active online, “can become a driving force for individuals to commit xenophobic offences”.

SAPO did not name any groups, but listed the trend among “seven threats against Sweden in the coming year” in its annual report presented yesterday.

Other threats included Russia — whose “antagonistic intention has the greatest consequence for Sweden’s security”— propaganda, the overall terror threat from radical extremists, technology development and the “changing abilities” of the United States, resulting in “less predictability in international relationships”.

SAPO said Russia, China and Iran are increasingly conducting intelligence activities in Sweden.