Sustenance is more than job, wealth, say Imams

Azlan Othman

Some people grumble of inadequate sustenance in meeting daily needs despite efforts that have been made to increase wealth. Not getting closer to Allah the Almighty is a reason why a person may feel that their wealth is getting slimmer and scarce. Performing pious acts to get closer to Allah the Almighty will bring more sustenance, Imams said in the Friday sermon yesterday.

And to increase wealth and sustenance, Muslims are urged to give alms to gain multiple blessings and open up sustenance as well as avoiding vice and sinful acts.

Every person’s sustenance has been determined and decided by Allah the Almighty when a human is still inside the womb, especially on sustenance, life partner, age and happiness or misfortune.

“Many think that sustenance is only about jobs and wealth. In fact, it covers a vast scope like being healthy, which allows our life to be joyous and cheerful, away from any fear and difficulty,” they said.

Imams added that having a happy family, being blessed with children, having a roof over one’s head and being surrounded by good people are also part of sustenance. This sustenance is not obvious and people are often unaware of it as sustenance is thought of only in the form of wealth and material.

Muslims should not be disheartened, hampered or hopeless with Allah the Almighty when sustenance runs short. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) teaches that Doa or supplications increase sustenance.

“Muslims should also work hard to gain sustenance and determine to work diligently based on Syarak laws and to adhere to rules and regulations. We should also correct our intentions and aim to support our life and family. We gain extra wealth; we contribute some to the poor and needy,” Imams said.