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Suspension of cross border activities extended

Cross-border activities are futher suspended until January 15, 2022 announced the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) yesterday.

In a press statement, the PMO said the temporary suspension on cross-border activities is extended by 15 days, from January 1-15, 2022.

The restriction applies to entry of foreign nationals via land and sea ports, including transits through the country, except for entry and transit travels that have been granted approval by the government.

It will also apply to entry and exit-country travels of commuters via land and sea ports for the purpose of work, said the PMO.

The PMO said entry and transits through the country may only be considered for vehicles with transit permits that are issued by the government, provided that the travellers have also attained endorsement from their local authorities for their travels, and will be subject to existing entry conditions and procedures, for the following purposes:

– Official government travel;

– Students who are required to attend school;

– Emergency services (such as ambulances, police and military);

– Vaccinated foreign-registered transport operators with cross-country permits issued by the government for import deliveries of essential goods.

The PMO said the conditions for the consideration of entry and exit travel mentioned are subject to review by the Steering Committee for COVID-19 from time to time. More information can be obtained at www.pmo.gov.bn/travelportal or by contacting the travel hotline 120 during working hours or email at travelapplication@jpm.gov.bn.


Essential travel to and from eight African countries can now be considered, effective tomorrow, announced the PMO. The government had previously suspended considerations on all travel from South Africa, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe. The PMO said the decision was based on the Ministry of Health’s risk assessment on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Foreign nationals who have been granted pre-approval to enter from the above-mentioned countries and were then suspended due to previous announcements, are required to re-submit applications.

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