Surprise visitor at Serusop commercial area

James Kon

A three-metre-long snake was found at Serusop commercial area yesterday.

Fire and rescue personnel from the Women’s Operation Unit led by ASO Massita binti Haji Sulaiman were dispatched to the scene to retrieve the reptile using a snake catcher.

According to the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD), unclean premises with rodent infestation are more prone to attracting wild animal such as crocodiles, snakes and monitor lizards and abandoned and unmowen lawns may become the animal’s nesting and breeding area.

The public is urged to report to the FRD immediately if they see or find wild animals roaming residential or commercial areas.

The public is advised not to attempt to approach or threaten wild animals, observe cleanliness and keep windows and doors closed when not at home. Contact the FRD via hotline 995 for an emergency.

Fire and rescue personnel capturing the reptile. PHOTO: FRD