Support for COVID-19 frontliners

Lyna Mohamad

What began as a show of appreciation towards frontline workers of the COVID-19 outbreak has morphed into a community of individuals making contributions to the medical team, frontline workers and volunteers.

Suria Egg Tart, known for its egg tarts and cakes, started making the signature desserts for the team of frontliners as a way to thank them for their sacrifice and commitment.

When owner of Suria Egg Tart, Dayangku Suria Nadia binti Pengiran Haji Ahmad’s followers inquired about her recent posts, an idea came to her. She used Suria Egg Tart as a platform to bring people together wishing to perform sedekah (alms) and her desserts as contributions to frontliners.

Dayangku Suria said, “I’m not thinking about profit. Baking cakes and egg tarts is my way of cheering the frontliners up and making them feel remembered and appreciated.” Since making a call for others to join her cause, Dayangku Suria and her workers have been receiving orders from their customers for the COVID-19 Donation Centre. “I’m grateful for being able to share this initiative with those who want to donate but are unsure what to donate,” she said.

Frontline workers of the COVID-19 outbreak receive the cakes. PHOTOS: LYNA MOHAMAD
Suria Egg Tart worker delivers the cakes