Supplier found committing offence under Price Control Act

THE Department of Economic Planning and Development (JPKE), Prime Minister’s Office through the Department of Competition and Consumer Affairs issued a compound of BND500 to a supplier for selling above the maximum price set by the Price Controller under Section 3B, Price Control Act, Chapter 142.

This offence was found during a routine inspection to business premises in Kampong Tungku and Kampong Bengkurong, Brunei-Muara District on July 24-25, a press release stated.

The offence was unravelled when two business premises were found to be selling five types of formulated powdered milk above the maximum price set by JPKE.

It was revealed that the supplier did not adhere to the price set and sold the products to the retailers at above maximum price.

The same supplier was previously issued with a Warning Notice in April 2018 for the same offence.

JPKE reminded suppliers and distributors of price controlled items to sell price controlled items to retailers within the maximum price set by JPKE.

The department conducts daily inspections on price-controlled items listed under the Price Control Act, Chapter 142 which include cooking oil, powdered formulated milk, passenger motor vehicles, and clay bricks to ensure the items are not sold above the approved maximum prices.

The inspection is also to ensure businesses comply with the Price Control (Display of Prices) Order, which requires goods on display to be clearly price tagged.

Non compliance businesses may face penalties of; a compound not exceeding BND1,000; or a fine of BND5,000 and imprisonment for two years for the first offence by the court; or a fine of BND20,000 and imprisonment of five years for a repeated offence by the court.

JPKE informed the public that not all goods are price-controlled by JPKE. Goods other than those listed in the Price Control Act are determined by traders themselves.

JPKE advised the public to practise the concept of ‘Smart Consumer’, by comparing prices in different stores before making purchase decision, in getting the best value-for-money.

The public is encouraged to access the PenggunaBijak/SmartConsumer mobile application that provides a platform to compare prices of selected daily necessities and price-controlled goods; as well as information on consumer related laws.