Supermarket told to remove non-Halal food from public view

Azlan Othman

The Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA), through the Halal Food Control Division under the Syariah Affairs Department, recently conducted an inspection at a local supermarket, following viral claims that the Steak Pork Rib Spices product was openly sold and displayed on the premises.

On finding that the product was actually being sold at the supermarket, the inspection officers urged the staff to promptly withdraw it from public display, to be placed instead in the non-Halal section.

The supermarket’s other outlets across the country were also checked, but no such product was found at these establishments.

Meanwhile, owners, managers, retailers, suppliers and importers of products are reminded to be attentive on the imported food products to be sold to the public in supermarkets
and shops.

“Halal products should not be mixed together with non-Halal products. This is to prevent the local Muslim community from consuming non-Halal food or of dubious origin,” said the MoRA in a statement.