Suicide bomber attacks Indonesian police station

MEDAN, Indonesia (AP) — A suicide bomber blew himself up at a busy police station in Indonesia’s third largest city yesterday, injuring at least six people.

The attacker got past a guard post and into the yard of the Medan city police station, which was packed with people who were lining up to get various police certificates, said National Police spokesman Muhammad Iqbal.

Iqbal said the attacker detonated his explosives and died near a parking lot after being confronted by other officers, injuring at least four police and two civilians. They were rushed to a nearby police hospital, most with minor injuries.

Television footage showed people running out of the police station and black smoke billowing from a burnt car.

Witnesses said the mangled body of the attacker was taken for further identification as an anti-bomb squad secured the location.

Another police spokesman, Dedi Prasetyo, said security procedures had been in place for accepting visitors to the police station, but the attacker ignored police when they tried to check his backpack and tried to reach a nearby canteen inside the station complex when his explosive blasted up to 50 metres from the post.