Sudan rescues 94 human traffic victims including 85 minors

PARIS (AP) – Police in Sudan have rescued 94 victims of human trafficking – including 85 minors – from open-air goldmines near Khartoum and the city’s international airport, among other places.

A statement by Interpol, which coordinated the August 26-30 operation, yesterday said that so far 14 people, 12 of them women, have been arrested.

The international police organisation said that many of the rescued minors had been found working in illegally-operated goldmines east of Khartoum, where children, including 10-year-olds, handled mercury and cyanide.

The rescued victims came from a half-dozen countries, including Chad, Eritrea, Niger and South Sudan, underscoring the transnational aspect of human trafficking.

Interpol said that 200 Sudanese officers took part in Operation Sawiyan, with the Lyon, France-based police agency training and equipping investigators.