Stylish & Futuristic

AFP/ HIGHXTAR – Shoop presented its collection at Tokyo Fashion Week with the letter of introduction read What a Wonderful World. Miriam Sanz and Yohei Oki – founders and creative directors- gave a clue about the imaginary of their proposal – an optimistic look to the future on an ode to the small details of life. The abyss between the western and the eastern is diluted in the signature resulting in a unique and avant-garde aesthetic that empowers the futurism and streetwear.

The COVID-19 has been represented with masks and personal insulation accessories. The futuristic streetwear aesthetic was interspersed with more traditional two-piece suits. Visible stitching details and infinite zippers elevated the energy and potential of the garments. Knits and bright transparencies gave the garments an interesting space in the looks. The colour black and camel defined the neutral look of the collection.