Students welcome for online education fair

Findlay education services is organising an education fair online for students from January 25 to 27.

Representatives from 38 institutions in the United Kingdom (UK), Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada and Germany will be available to chat with students and parents.

The event is open to prospective students and current offer-holders considering alternatives such as changing course.

Findlay Managing Director Sunita Martin said, “Students may be looking at changing degree choices, perhaps because their results were different to what was expected, or the disruptions made them uncertain about overseas education. Speaking to a university representative will help with their decisions.

“Many countries have commenced their vaccination programmes. The UK, for example, has already given the first dose of vaccine to over four million people and the pace of delivery is accelerating, with more vaccination centres being opened. These efforts, together with the thorough safety and hygiene measures that universities put in place, are encouraging and should help to see a return to face to face learning sooner rather than later.”

Students can attend their 20-minute virtual appointment from home, and parents can join, too. As the appointment will be pre-arranged, there is no need to queue. Those with weak Internet connections can visit Findlay to use the Wi-Fi connection for appointments.

Participating universities represent a broad range of subjects, locations and entry requirements.