Students showcase knowledge at Festival of Learning

|    Daniel Lim    |

THE Panaga School, Melilas Campus organised ‘Festival of Learning’ as part of its annual event to conclude the academic year yesterday.

Aimed at showcasing Middle Years students’ (Years 7 and 8) academic knowledge gained throughout the year, the festival saw various booths featuring subjects taught at the school, including Art and Design, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, English, Digital Education, Modern Foreign Languages, Music and Drama.

Parents and guardians were able to observe the progress of their children via the booths displaying practical experiments and activities.

The school’s Primary Years students also had the chance to participate in the various games and activities during the festival which shed light on what is in store as they enter the Middle Years.

Principal of Panaga School Cindy Tahal explained that the festival brought to life the different subjects taught at the school as the students showcased their skills and knowledge.

“Some of the activities that parents and guardians could take part included the viewing of a documentary by the students on what they learnt at school.”

She said that the festival served as a window into students’ curriculum and helped parents and guardians understand how their children fared.

ABOVE & BELOW: Students perform during the festival; and participants in one of the many activities. – PHOTOS: DANIEL LIM