Students show acts of kindness

ST ANGELA’S Convent School held the first ever Act of Kindness Day on April 6.

Students from Years 1 to 11 wore the school’s red T-shirt to symbolise unity in showing their acts of kindness.

Year 4 students led by Noridah binti Haji Abdul Gani tidied up the school’s canteen. The students swept the floor, wiped and arranged the tables and chairs.

Meanwhile, Year 7 and 9 students led by Gomathi Govindaraj and Judith Roy cleaned the multipurpose hall, which has been regularly used by the school for several functions. They went there at 2pm. The students were split into groups. Some students mopped the floor; others raked the leaves and picked up trash at the surrounding area.

Year 8 and 10 students went to the Billionth Barrel Monument with Maria Belen E Quesea, Krishia Andalis and Suzana anak Graman. Their mission was to clean the beach. Although the students did not manage to clean every nook and cranny of the place, they managed to collect an astounding amount of trash.

ABOVE & BELOW: Year 10 students with their class teacher Krishia Andalis, after collecting rubbish from the beach at the Billionth Barrel Monument and Year 11 students after collecting rubbish from the surrounding area of the school in Seria

Lastly, Year 11 students went ahead and cleaned the sidewalk in-front of St Angela’s School to Seria Clinic on April 8, two days after. They were led by the class teacher Nurul Nazirah binti Besar.

Meanwhile, St Angela’s Convent School took the initiative to implement the ‘No plastic bags and drinking straws’ policy at its canteen on April 13.

It was aimed at promoting awareness among students on the importance of reducing plastic use.

The school hoped to promote a sense of responsibility among students to care for the environment and life affected by it.

St Angela’s students were encouraged to bring an alternative replacement to plastic drinking straws such as metal, wheat, and paper straws. – Muhd Dinie bin Zahkaria Y10Sc & Sharellyn binti Johnny Y11Sc