Students schooled on healthy living

Lyna Mohamad

Two hundred students from Raja Isteri Girls High School (STPRI) participated in the Healthy Body, Healthy Mind programme organised by Big BWN Project, with support from the Happy Environment And Lifestyle (HEAL) Programme.

The programme raises awareness on the available resources to support physical activity, and empowers youth to make healthier lifestyle choices by incorporating physical activity into their daily life.

A slide presentation provided pointers on how to lead a healthy life, while a talk highlighted the importance of physical and mental health and how it is linked to an individual’s well-being.

Fitness instructor Nanee Fit led participants in a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session. The programme concluded with physical activities facilitated by Big BWN members.

Students got involved in three activities: Centipede, which tested participants’ teamwork skills; Photo Zone which demonstrated yoga poses for students to follow; and Matchy-Matchy Hopscotch.

The HEAL Programme is a public-private partnership project between Health Promotion Centre (HPC), Ministry of Health and Gleneagles JPMC Sdn Bhd. It began in 2019 with programme supporting physical activity interventions through building, strengthening and maintaining social networks that create opportunities for physical activities.

HEAL Programme raises awareness on the multiple health benefits of regular physical activity and reduced sedentary behaviour in the community settings. It also serves to engage and form partnerships between community, schools, private businesses, health centres, sports and recreational stakeholders to promote and engage in physical activity.

A talk discusses healthy living
Students engage in a physical activity. PHOTOS: HPC