Students, parents have fun with numbers at enrichment programme

|    Daniel Lim    |


La Vida Association of Brunei Darussalam yesterday organised an enrichment programme titled ‘Fun with Numbers’ at the Pengiran Setia Negara Pengiran Mohd Yusof Primary School (SR PSNPMY).

The programme aimed to help further engage students in learning together with their parents and guardians.

The project saw over 33 Year 1 students participating in activities to help them be more engaged and learn better the various numeracy skills required to advance further in their education.

The project also saw parents and guardians being involved, as the first day of the workshop encouraged them to be present to help their children learn while also learning to better help teach their children when they return home after school.

La Vida Association of Brunei Darussalam members along with three volunteer facilitators conducted activities to teach the students and parents how to study better at home.

Parents and guardians assisting the students at the workshop
The students during a numeracy activity at the workshop. – PHOTOS: DANIEL LIM

Dawn Lee, the manager of the association, said the workshop conducted at SR PSNPMY represents the first time the project was carried out in the Belait District.

“Previously, we had a similar project in the Temburong District for students studying there, but this time we were able to work together with SR PSNPMY to conduct the enrichment programme in Seria,” she said.

She added that the workshop was conducted to provide a fun and exciting platform for students, and parents and guardians to gain a better understanding on the best method of learning at home by providing tips, advice and teaching aids.

The ‘Fun with Number’ enrichment programme is slated to be conducted over the course of 10 months with the students participating in the workshop once a week.

Their parents and guardians will participate in the workshop once every two weeks.