Students learn pointers at ‘Maths Iz Fun’

|     Lyna Mohamad     |

THREE primary schools participated in a Mathematics motivation workshop dubbed ‘Maths Iz Fun’ throughout this month.

The schools are Batu Marang Primary School, Beribi Telanai Primary School and Sultan Umar Ali Saifuddin Primary School.

Syarikat Ilmas Training & Tutorial was invited to conduct the workshop at the three schools, facilitated by Ilmas Mathematics Motivational Speaker Sulaiman Syah bin Abdul Rahman, otherwise known as Che Man.

Che Man has vast experience in facilitating Mathematics-related activities. He has been a motivational speaker since 2011, visiting over 200 schools nationwide.

‘Maths Iz Fun’ aims to show students and parents that Mathematics can be fun and easy.

“Mathematics is the backbone of knowledge and the key to it is multiplication. If a student memorises the multiplication table, the Mathematics learning process will be easy. Most importantly, support and assistance from parents and guardians at home ensure children master the basics of Mathematics,” said Che Man.

Che Man with Batu Marang Primary School students. – LYNA MOHAMAD