Students explore Australia’s Islamic history

OVER 150 students in Brunei explored the legacy of Australia’s Islamic history during educational workshops conducted by the Islamic Museum of Australia (IMA) recently.

Representatives from the Melbourne-based museum toured local schools nationwide as part of ‘Boundless Plains: The Australian Muslim Connection’, a photographic exhibition organised by the Australian High Commission in partnership with the IMA, stated a press release.

Australia High Commissioner to Brunei Darussalam Nicola Rosenblum said, “Through the workshops, we are proud to showcase the diverse heritage of Australian Muslims, and their positive contributions to our multicultural society.”

Students were able to view photographs from the exhibition, and test the IMA’s new virtual reality experience ‘Mecca to Marree’ which takes viewers from Mecca in 650CE to Marree in outback South Australia, the site of Australia’s first mosque, in 1885.

“Mecca to Maree is the only virtual reality experience in Australia that highlights the history of Islam, including its arrival on Australian shores,” said IMA Education Director Sherene Hassan.

“The IMA facilitates learning experiences for students in Australia to help them consider and develop new perspectives about Australia’s multicultural society and to promote tolerance within the Australian community,” she added.

‘Boundless Plains: The Australian Muslim Connection’ is a free exhibition open to the public from January 28 to February 3 at the Mabohai Shopping Complex.

Students in a group photo with members of the Islamic Museum of Australia. – AUSTRALIA HIGH COMMISSION TO BRUNEI DARUSSALAM