Students develop Halal honey products

“Bisai,” (Nice) was the verdict of those who tried the products.

A natural remedy for chapped lips, sore throat and indigestion, Honey Bee-sai Lip Scrub and Honey Bee-sai Candies are Halal alternatives to questionable supplements and costly items.

Head of Postgraduate Programme at Halalan Thayyiban Research Centre, Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA) Dr Zeiad Amjad Aghwan came up with the idea for Halal Science Master students to create a product as part of their final semester project in May.

Following a brainstorming session, the students developed the two DIY products, made with ingredients easily available in any home kitchen.

Both are safe, organic and Halal, with no MSG or artificial flavourings – and also affordable in portable sizes.

The main ingredient is Maanggaris honey produced by the giant honey bee, Apis dorsata, locally known as Penyangat Belaing, which builds its single comb among the branches of the Maanggaris tree in Brunei’s forests.

Maanggaris honey has lower sugar content, making it suitable for those who are concerned about their sugar intake.

Dr Zeiad Amjad Aghwan and the students pose with the honey products. PHOTO: UNISSA