Stringent road rules to keep traffic congestion at bay

I was glad to read in a recent news article that there is a decreasing trend in road fatalities. While it is sad that these fatalities still occur, the statistics are pointing at the road being safer and motorists more careful.

It was also alarming to learn that we had almost 400,000 active cars on the road last year. With so many cars on the road, traffic congestion appears inevitable.

Thus, it is high time for the authorities to make sure all road users abide by the rules and regulations to prevent stray drivers from clogging the traffic flow, which includes stopping in a yellow box junction, which is a common occurrence, especially at the Gadong/Kiulap roundabout. It not only obstructs traffic but also poses danger to other motorists in the area.

I hope the authorities could educate the public on the importance of road safety and regulations amid the growing number of active cars in the country.

Worried Dad