Stray dogs a problem in Kampong Sungai Tilong

STRAY dogs are a common sight in most neighbourhoods and Kampong Sungai Tilong is no exception.

I have seen an increase in strays roaming around the area.

These strays are no longer a nuisance but have started to become a bigger threat.

Not long ago, one of my cats was mauled to death!

Now, these strays are making themselves home around the compound of my house.

It has become impossible for my daughter to play outside because of this.

Most nights, these strays will howl and be noisy, making it hard to enjoy a quiet night.

They also make driving at night a nightmare, having to swerve because of them running on the roads.

My neighbours and I had stowed away our rubbish bins behind gates because of the mess they cause while scavenging for food.

We tried using humane methods to chase them away (such as pouring vinegar around the compound so they will avoid the area because of the smell).

It had got up to a point where a neighbour had enough and left poisoned food for them.

It worked for a while but they kept coming back and started breeding again.

Despite my misgivings against these strays, I am still an animal lover.

It broke my heart to see these strays being poisoned.

They are still living beings.

Perhaps the authorities can set up an initiative to set up dog shelters in each district to keep them off the streets and for adoption (for people wanting dogs)?

Or perhaps they can catch and neuter these dogs instead to keep them from breeding?

Who can we contact with regard to this problem?

– Fond of Animals