Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Brunei Town
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Stray animal issue worsening

I’m writing on behalf of the residents of Kampong Panchor Murai and Kampong Batong to call on the authorities to look into the stray dog issue in our area.

The situation has worsened over the years with our village turning into a non-Muslim community, and stray dogs sleeping on front porches and garages fast becoming a common sight.

Those who can afford the expenditure have fenced up their compounds to keep the stray dogs at bay. Unfortunately, for a great number of residents, we have to make do with homemade fencing that does very little in warding off these animals.

The issue of stray animals is not exactly new; it is brought up time and again. However, a more decisive stance needs to be employed to rid the community of the problem before it becomes too much of a threat to our safety.


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