Stranded Russian woman delivers baby boy in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR (SIN CHEW DAILY/ANN) – A Russian couple stranded in Malaysia for close to two months owing to the Movement Control Order (MCO) enforced by the government to curb the spread of COVID-19 ended up delivering a baby inside a vacant bungalow near the Russian embassy.

Many people extended a helping hand to them after learning of their plight.

Yevgeny and Natalia Pervin originally planned to return to Russia at the end of March but were stranded in the country as the MCO went into force. Natalia delivered their baby boy in a vacant bungalow on Jalan Mesra.

Pervin said as he did not have sufficient cash and his wife was about to deliver, they ended up staying inside the vacant bungalow until this day.

Ivan, their baby boy was born on April 13.

Yevgeny Pervin carries his infant son. PHOTO: SIN CHEW DAILY

As more people living in the vicinity, foreign workers, bungalow owner and the police came to know about them, many came forward with daily necessities and baby stuff for the foreign family.

“The police bought pampers for my baby, while the owner supplied me with a bicycle for me to go out shopping. The Bangladeshi and Indonesian workers at a nearby construction site also visited us.

“I am very grateful to Malaysia and the so many kind-hearted people here. The Chinese, the Malays and the Indians helped us a lot,” he said.

Pervin said the bungalow was equipped with electricity and water supply, and he only needed a rice cooker and a pan to cook.

He sought help from the Embassy of Russia to process the documents for their newborn baby, and hoped he would be able to go back home tomorrow.

The owner, identified as Huang, said the bungalow was left vacant for more than a year, and he had a gardener to trim the grass regularly.

“When the gardener was trimming the grass in early May, he discovered the couple and took a photo to inform my brother. That was when we came to know that someone was occupying the bungalow,” he said.

Later, Huang’s brother found out that the couple was stranded in Malaysia and had nowhere else to stay. The wife delivered a few days after they sneaked into the locked bungalow.

“We know they have no money and can’t afford to pay for accommodation. We do not plan to chase them away or ask them for money. They are only staying for a few weeks and their situation is actually quite pitiful,” he said.

The generous owner and friends bought some baby items, bread and food for the couple.

Huang had planned to lease the bungalow. An embassy nearby expressed its intention of renting his premises but the plan was put on hold due to the MCO.