Stop with the reckless driving

I would like to raise the issue of reckless driving in the Sultanate.

I have noticed that some drivers do not adhere to road rules and regulations, such as the use of indicator, when switching lanes or turning into another junction.

Then there are those who enjoy tailgating people at high speed on the highway, or worse, on smaller roads. What if the car they are following so closely suddenly brakes?

Reckless drivers are endangering not just themselves but other motorists as well.

The Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) recently reported that Brunei recorded over 300 car accidents in four months. That’s a high number for a small country like ours.

I believe sterner actions need to be taken to dissuade these irresponsible individuals.

I could be the most careful driver in the world but if these tailgaters and other road rule breakers continue to drive with such a reckless abandon, I would still end up a part of the RBPF statistics.

So, to these reckless drivers, stop being selfish and think about other road users too.

Drive Carefully Please