Stiffer penalties for dangerous driving

I, for one, haven’t always been a safe driver. I have been in a number of minor accidents, be it my fault or the other driver’s. However, the one thing that I once did – and was reprimanded for – that arrested my bad habit was being caught using a mobile phone while driving.

It was a steep fine, because it happened during my unemployment days. I can imagine taking it more lightly had it happen now that I have a job.

In light of the recent fatal road accidents, it makes me wonder how many accidents could have been avoided if more motorists adhere to road rules and regulations set up by the authorities.

While campaigns are good at disseminating information regarding road safety, not everyone is going to be receptive to the message. A lot of us have the “once bitten, twice shy” attitude towards driving. As such, the authorities should consider stiffer penalties for those who openly ignore road safety rules.

Reformed Bad Driver