Steps taken to address water supply disruption in some areas: JKR

THE Public Works Department (JKR) apologised to the public especially residents of RPN Kampong Meragang, Kampong Subok, Kampong Lambak Kanan and nearby surrounding areas regarding the current water disruption issue.

JKR said that some of the ageing water supply assets and infrastructures in the supply system have at times resulted in reduced efficiency and effectiveness in water production and distribution. In addition to increasing water demands in general, it has unfortunately further reduced water pressure and thus caused disruption to water supply to the general public.

However, the department assured the public that the matter is not an oversight and that the department remains committed to its plans to improve the water supply issue. Various initiatives are continuously being taken. Among them is the major refurbishment and upgrading works of the Stage 4 and Stage 5 Bukit Barun Water Treatment Plant which is in the process of implementation, and other large scale assets improvement projects to be implemented under this National Development Plan (RKN) 11 such as construction of new water treatment plant, reservoirs and pipe replacement programmes.

In the interim period, any shortcoming (such as pipe burst/breakages, faulty pumps) are repaired accordingly to minimise disruptions. The department is preparing to increase the tanker fleet to provide and improve tanker delivery service to the affected residents.

The department seeks the cooperation of the general public to exercise prudent water usage and less wastage and to report to the Darussalam line 123 for any water related grievances. This will allow clean water to be supplied to all and also reduce interruptions of water supply.