‘Staying in Faith’ with Ustaz Mizi tomorrow

Izah Azahari

‘ILMA Events will organise a heart to heart sharing session with Ustaz Mizi Wahid on the topic ‘Staying in Faith,’ via Zoom application at 2.30pm tomorrow.

The session is a regular event held once every few months aimed at providing a platform for individuals in Brunei Darussalam to feel inspired, empowered and motivated emotionally and spiritually.

The session allows the public to learn of other peoples’ challenges or share their own, reminding them to turn to Allah the Almighty and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) for solutions.

A graduate from the prestigious Al-Azhar University in Cairo majoring in the field of Syariah (Islamic Jurisprudence), Ustaz Mizi Wahid is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Safinah Institute – a modern and progressive Islamic organisation that runs numerous events on contemporary issues faced by the community today.

He has written two best-selling books The Art of Letting God and Call Upon Him, and recently released a third book titled You are Loved. He is also co-host to a popular podcast channel called The Good Life Podcast that has hit the top five charts in Singapore and Malaysia.