‘Staying in Faith’ listeners take away motivational messages

Wani Roslan

Over 50 people recently participated in a ‘Heart to Heart’ sharing session via Zoom, hosted by ’ILMA Sdn Bhd, a faith-based event organiser.

Headlined ‘Staying in Faith’, the session was delivered by Ustaz Mizi Wahid, who shared motivational messages from Al-Quran.

“As humans, we anticipate help to come as soon as we need it, especially when we are going through enormous trials. We mistake Allah the Almighty for being silent when His assistance does not come in the form of what we want. But the patience which He grants us, the time He gives us to think and make sound decisions, and the help He sends our way through people are also signs that Allah the Almighty is always working and never silent,” he said.

Ustaz Mizi Wahid also shared inspirational lessons from the lives of Prophet Yunus (pbuh) and Maryam, the mother of Prophet ‘Isa (pbuh). The founder and CEO of Safinah Institute, a modern and progressive Islamic organisation which runs numerous programmes on contemporary issues, Ustaz Mizi Wahid has written two best-selling books – The Art of Letting God and Call Upon Him.

He recently released his third book titled, You Are Loved. He is also the co-host of a popular podcast channel called ‘The Good Life Podcast’, which made the top five charts in Singapore and Malaysia.

Ustaz Mizi Wahid. PHOTO: WANI ROSLAN