Staycation, trekking among popular weekend activities

Azlan Othman

Bruneians took advantage of the long weekend break following Hari Raya Aidiladha public holiday to experience staycation in the country’s hotels and discover treking sites.

At The Empire Brunei, there has been an increase in Bruneians checking-in over the weekend.

Two families told the Bulletin that with an affordable rate and host of activities for the kids including kayaking, it is simply too hard to resist the temptation. “I was told that some 800 people dined in at the atrium for breakfast on Sunday morning. We enjoyed kayaking and also bowling,” said Abdul Rahim, a father of three.

Other local hotels are offering special rates to citizens and residents following COVID-19 pandemic. Bruneians also crowded hiking tracks, especially Bukit Silat in Kampong Katok.

With easier access to Temburong these days, the locals also discovered the green jewel and scenic waterfalls like Wasai Rempadih and jungle trekking site such as Bukit Patoi. “Such activities help to promote a healthy life style among Bruneians. But one needs to leave only foot prints and not dump rubbish indiscriminately inside the forest,” Fariq, a regular hiker said.

Members of the public enjoy kayaking activity. PHOTO: AZLAN OTHMAN