Statement issued over abandoned newborn at airport

DOHA (QNA) – The Qatar Public Prosecution issued on Monday a statement regarding the incident of finding a newborn and the violations of the Judicial Police Officers.

The statement said on October 2 that a newborn was found in a plastic bag inside a trash can in one of the toilets in the Departures Lounge at Hamad International Airport. Medical attention was immediately provided to her and she was then transferred to a childcare centre in the State of Qatar.

In light of the incident, Public Prosecutor conducted extensive investigations, within all police agencies and specialised technical experts, to gather the facts of the two incidents to determine what potential crimes were committed, arrest those responsible and bring them to criminal prosecution.

The investigation summoned all relevant agencies or employees who worked in the crime scene area at the airport and questioned those in charge of the Airport Security Department, Civil Aviation Control Tower, Airport Administration, and DNA examined.

Investigations revealed that the infant’s mother, who holds the nationality of an Asian country, had a relationship with another person from Asian. The relationship resulted in the infant that was found. The mother, while leaving the country, threw the newborn in the trash can of a toilet at the Departures Lounge of the airport and boarded the plane to her destination.

The father of the infant admitted that he had a relationship with the infant’s mother, and that she had sent him a message and a photo of the newborn immediately after her birth. The letter included her saying that she had thrown the infant she had given birth to and fled to her country. Examining the DNA of the defendants were identical to that of the infant.

The Public Prosecution said the violations committed by some employees of the Airport Security Department are against the law and are punishable under the Qatari Penal Code with penalties of a maximum of three years.