Standard operating procedure at public hospital ward?

I have a friend, who was recently admitted to hospital, where she was put in a zone all by herself.

Given that she had a dizzy spell soon after, which led to her falling and hitting her head on the side of the bed, she requested to be transferred to the central area of the ward to have easier access to the nurses on duty.

However, she was told that the zone was restricted to ear, nose and throat patients and was reminded that there was a button to press should she need medical attention.

The following day, much to her surprise, a male patient was placed in the same corner of the ward with her. We are a Malay Islamic Monarchy country and why was this even allowed? Needless to say, she couldn’t rest properly, knowing that there was a male presence.

I urge the authorities to look into the matter. I believe all public hospitals have a standard operating procedure, but my friend’s ordeal seems indicative that something was amiss at that particular ward.

Annoyed Friend