Standard Chartered Securities rolls out wealth management ‘Marathon’ campaign

STANDARD Chartered Securities is currently running their second wealth management campaign for 2017 to meet the increasing demands of investors in Brunei.

From now until December 31, investors looking to invest in both Unit Trusts and Bonds can receive additional rewards on top of their investments, in the form of dining or travel vouchers, smartphones or tablets, as well as Royal Skies points or REEBONZ credits.

Brenda Low, CEO of Standard Chartered Securities said: “We have called this campaign a ‘Marathon’ because this campaign allows clients to accumulate their investments throughout the promotional period in order to redeem higher tiered items.

“Investors these days are rapidly evolving, and Standard Chartered Securities understand that investors are looking for more value-added aspects when expanding their portfolio. As a market leader in Wealth Management products and advisory services, Standard Chartered Securities is able to accommodate our clientele with the range they need to diversify their portfolio and maximise on opportunities.”SCB

The campaign is currently open to all eligible Standard Chartered Securities clients who invest in Unit Trusts and Bonds.

Eligible products for the promotion include subscription into Bonds and Unit Trusts offered by Standard Chartered Securities, excluding regular savings plans, switching, redemption and transfer transactions (in respect to Bonds and Unit Trusts) and Unit Trusts, where discounted sales charges are offered.