Stampede kills 14 students in west Kenya

NAIROBI, KENYA (AP) — A stampede at a primary school in western Kenya after students were let out to go home has killed 14 children and wounded 39 others, officials said on Monday.

The cause of the crush is not yet clear, but Kakamega area Regional Commissioner Anne Ngetich ruled out that a “scare” had sparked the stampede. “I know there are people who might think these children always use the same entrance and exits, what might have happened today? Was there an explosion?” she said.

“No there was nothing, nothing physical that we have established.”

Grief-stricken parents wailed and collapsed at the three hospitals where the bodies and injured were taken.

According to the school, the children were heading home when the stampede occurred.

The police in charge of Kakemega central area David Kabena, gave the casualty figures.

An investigation is underway.