Staff enhance fire safety skills

Izah Azahari

Baiduri Bank in cooperation with the Public Relations Division of the Operation ‘A’ Branch of the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) and other agencies carried out a fire drill at the Baiduri Bank Headquarters on 1 Jalan Gadong on November 19.

Twelve personnel from the Bandar Seri Begawan Fire Station were dispatched for the fire extinguishing and rescuing operation. Trained fire marshals at the bank were tested on their ability to evacuate the building containing 166 officers and staff.

The drill sought to enhance public awareness and instil a sense of responsibility and care on fire safety aspects within a building.

The drill followed an effective and systematic evacuation procedure to save oneself using available emergency exits, along with practically testing the skills, coordination and training. It also ensured the readiness of personnel which is the main factor in handling extinguishing and rescuing operations.

The fire drill underway. PHOTO: FRD