Sprucing up the hiking trail

Rokiah Mahmud

The Brunei-USA Association (BUSA) yesterday held a trail clean-up campaign at Bukit Dadap Recreational Park in Kampong Kilanas, in conjunction with Brunei Darussalam’s 37th National Day (FestivalHK37).

Over 70 participated in the campaign, supported by the Kampong Kilanas Village Consultative Council (MPK Kilanas), BUSA members and its Chapters, volunteers from the Bukit Dadap Recreational Park (TRBD), Buzzing Bees and Laksamana College of Business (LCB) Fitness Club.

ASEAN Coordinator for the United States (US) Embassy in Brunei Darussalam Marc Porter launched the campaign.

“We need to recognise how challenging the last year has been for all of us, and at the same time, how lucky we are to be in Brunei right now,” he said.

“The simple pleasure of gathering to go on a hike is something people around the world will never take for granted again”.

ASEAN Coordinator for the US Embassy in Brunei Darussalam Marc Porter and BUSA President Salimah binti Haji Saim in a group photo with participants. PHOTO: YUSRIN JUNAIDI

Porter added, “We are appreciative of the organisation that brings us together this morning. BUSA was founded in 2015, during the 30th year of Brunei-US diplomatic relations.

“Its mission is to support initiatives of mutual benefit to our two countries in commerce, education and cultural exchanges. I am told it continues to fulfil that mission admirably, and I look forward to participating in new initiatives BUSA will organise during my time here.”

BUSA President Salimah binti Haji Saim meanwhile stressed the importance of protecting nature through cleanliness: “It can be done by educating the community to stop littering in the forest and water streams, and to encourage them to take responsibility for their and others’ actions, and to keep the trail systems that lead to our wild spaces litter-free.”

The hiking and trail clean-up campaign was marked with a tree planting activity to commemorate the occasion, followed with a briefing on the recreational park by Hariel bin Haji Simpol.

Located in Mukim Kilanas about 1.5 kilometres off Jalan Tutong, Bukit Dadap is a favourite among hikers for its trails, tropical flora, natural pools, and a safe and easy trek.

Also attending the event were Chairman of MPK Kilanas Haji Mohd Rais bin Haji Sabtu and Acting Village Head of Kampong Kilanas Haji Mohd Ameerolbahyrnee bin Haji Abdul Hamid.