Spotlight on workplace safety

Unified National Networks (UNN) held a Safety Day knowledge exhibition at the UNN Telephone House (TelHouse) on Wednesday.

Over 130 visitors attended the exhibition, a press release stated.

Agencies from the Brunei National Road Safety Council (MKKJR), Fire and Rescue Department (FRD), Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation (JASTRe) and the Health Promotion Centre (HPC), Tobacco Unit, Mental Health Unit, Workplace Health Promotion Programme, and Occupational Health Division (OHD) from the Ministry of Health (MoH) provided health, safety and environment (HSE) information.

MKKJR set up a seat belt convincer to illustrate the beneficial use of seat belts when a vehicle is involved in low-speed collision. MKKJR representatives also provided a guide on how to inspect a vehicle before driving.

The FRD displayed the use of a rescue tripod used in situations where the rescue involves tall buildings, high places or confined space access. FRD representatives also exhibited statistics of house and building fires in Brunei.

As part of the Mental Health Unit, HPC representatives educated visitors about the mental illnesses affecting people in the workplace. HPC also introduced the i-Mind programme that can be tailor-made to a company to support employees and address shortcomings.

The Tobacco Unit promoted its smoking cessation clinics and how professional counsellors and nurses at the clinics help smokers quit their smoking or nicotine habit.

UNN Chief Executive Officer Dr Steffen Oehler at the exhibition. PHOTO: UNN

Visitors were also provided with pamphlets created by OHD with tips to handle work-related musculoskeletal disorders due to ergonomic stressors, techniques to proper manual handling, ergonomic principles of working with a computer, and other facts on the causes of work stress and how to manage them.

JASTre explained its scope of work and its assets such as Environmental Management and Conservation; Landscape Management and Recreational Parks; and Waste Management.
 Art pieces created by local artists for World Environment Day, themed ‘Ecosystem Restoration’, were also displayed at the exhibition.

JASTRe representatives also called on visitors to volunteer for the national clean-up campaign organised by JASTRe, MOH, Ministry of Development and Ministry of Home Affairs.

The event also offered blood pressure and BMI checks conducted by MoH representatives as part of their basic health screening programme.

The exhibition was organised by the UNN Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) team to raise awareness on the importance of health and safety in day-to-day operations at the workplace and to cultivate a health and safety culture across the company.

UNN Chief Executive Officer Dr Steffen Oehler, who launched the exhibition, said,“This is our first UNN Safety Day and it gives a clear sign that health and safety are becoming part of our daily business, our operations, and our culture in UNN.

“This is a starting point to not only focus on safety but also focus on health and environment.

“Moving forward, we hope to have more collaborations with agencies to provide talks, forums and clinics and ensure that our colleagues and their well-being are taken care of. We are creating more awareness among staff on the importance of health, safety and environment for our business and we appreciate the support provided by the participating agencies,” he said.

The launch concluded with the presentation of tokens of appreciation by Dr Steffen to MKKJR, FRD, JASTRe and MoH in the presence of  the UNN senior management team, HSE team and employees.