Spending family time in house of wonders

Lyna Mohamad

The Toy Museum by the river, also a mini selfie museum in Sungai Akar, is attracting a large crowd.

The museum houses thousands of attractions indoors and outdoors.

Some vintage toys are over 60 years old and cost over BND1,000.

Guide Umniyah said the museum’s founder Diony, stumbled upon his old toys in untouched boxes as well as those of his elder brothers and parents while moving homes.

Boasting over 50 selfie spots including nine that are upside down, visitors can hunt for six stamping spots to earn points and answer simple quizzes.

ABOVE & BELOW: Two boys enjoy themselves in a ball pool; a girl tries out ballslinging. PHOTOS: LYNA MOHAMAD

“It feels awesome to hear ‘wow’ from visitors all the time. The company spent so much money and time setting up the museum,” said another guide Atul.

Parents and kids can dive into the ball pool, be inside a Super Mario Pipe, get trapped in a giant sandwich, be surprised by the attic, shoot an angry bird coco figure, play with building bricks and crawl through a tunnel to get into the boys’ room. There is also a Bikini Bottom where Spongebob lives.

A surprise also awaits at the rear where visitors can feed two animals and learn about
their habits.

“It would be a shame if people do not visit our place. One of the best comments is when the visitors said they felt they were at a foreign tourist attraction,” said team leader Ani.

On average, they would stay for more than an hour and a half.

“We are happy to see families spending time with their kids among the collections and selfie spots we have created for their enjoyment,” said Diony.

The staff and volunteers brief the visitors on the exhibits and help them find different selfie spots and create fun poses, Diony added.

Every visitor is assisted by a private museum guide.

Part of the proceeds from the museum will go to Brugada Syndrome Awareness.