Spend according to the ability, say Imams

Azlan Othman

In yesterday’s Friday sermon, Imams urged Muslims to reflect on their spending patterns and cultivate the habit of saving.

“This can teach us to save, but what is most important is that the habit of saving can prevent us from going into debt in order to meet urgent needs, children’s education expenses and car repairs,” said Imams during the sermon.

“Our resources are a trust from Allah the Almighty to be utilised, instead of being dissipated. Therefore, Islam encourages us to save, and to spend wisely and moderately.

“It is not wrong to spend for our needs, but we should spend according to our abilities and requirements. Therefore, we need to make changes by adopting new initiatives in financial management.

“Our religion encourages us to help and assist others by paying zakat (giving alms) and waqaf (personal endowment).

“By spending our wealth wisely and moderately, may Allah the Almighty bestow us with everlasting favour and guidance for our wellbeing in this world and the hereafter,” they said.