Special promotion for Baiduri cardholders

James kon

Baiduri Bank credit and debit cardholders can get 10 per cent discount for purchasing groceries online at Shopifull.com every Friday to Sunday from June 12 – July 5.

There will also be a 50 per cent discount on the delivery fee for customers in Brunei-Muara and Tutong districts.

The public can also pick up their online shopping at the H2 counter of Hua Ho in Kiulap or OneCity Shopping Centre.

Shopifull.com features 3,500 items from Hua Ho Department Store ranging from groceries to electronics items. The website is the brainchild of Lau Soon Lin and his sister Angeleen Lau.

Lau said, “The idea of setting up the website came from when I was in Australia in 2016. I used a similar website to do my grocery shopping and felt it was convenient. I wanted to bring the concept to Brunei so my sister and I set up Shopifull.com in 2018.”

However, when he first started, business was slow. During the COVID-19 outbreak, Shopifull.com witnessed a surge in business.

Lau said, “We have 5,000 viewers during COVID-19. We also experienced better sales and have customers from Brunei-Muara, Tutong and Belait districts.”

He hopes the public can utilise the website for ease and convenience of shopping as well as increase portfolio by adding more vendors to the online shopping platform.

Lau Soon Lin browsing Shopifull.com. PHOTO: JAMES KON