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South Korea’s unannounced rocket launch causes UFO scare

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA (AP) – South Korea’s military confirmed it test-fired a solid-fuelled rocket on Friday after its unannounced launch triggered brief public scare of a suspected UFO appearance or a North Korean missile launch.

The Defence Ministry said in a statement that the rocket launch was part of its efforts to build a space-based surveillance capability and bolster its defence posture.

It said it didn’t notify the general public of the launch in advance because it involved sensitive military security issues.

A twisty tendril of vapour in white-to-red ombre could be seen snaking behind a bright white light in parts of South Korea’s sky on Friday evening. South Korean social media and Internet sites were abuzz with messages by citizens who said they saw a soaring object, rainbow-coloured vapour trail or other mysterious lights. Some also posted photos and videos.

“What is this? Is this a UFO? I’m scared,” said one Twitter user. Another said they suspected it was a North Korean missile launch and worried about a war. Others suspected it was a drone light show or a supernatural phenomenon.

South Korean emergency offices and police received hundreds of citizens’ reports of witnessing of a suspicious flying object and mysterious lights across the country, according to local media.

The light trail is seen in Goyang, South Korea. PHOTO: AP
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