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Adib Noor

As I’ve grown older, I’ve found myself drifting towards listening to conversations on podcasts rather than music. The world of podcasts is an interesting one: you can think of any topic of interest and there is a 99 per cent chance a podcast on that subject exists.

Scrolling through my social media apps, as many of us do, I was surprised to find that some of the local accounts I follow have stepped foot into the podcasting world. Thus, I decided to reach out to Brunei-based podcasters to find out more about them.

First on the list is Faxxoflife podcast by local rapper Zed Peace. Expanding his brand, Zed has created his own podcast, and listening to it, you can easily see that it’s an extension of his thoughts and ideas presented in a laid back discussion session with close-knit group of friends as hosts.

“Faxxoflife is a series of episodes where we host different guests each week. We get to know them as they share their stories and experiences in the field they are in,” said Zed.

This is a key trait of his podcasts, as he brings on various personalities as guests on his show, ranging from other local artistes to food influencers and young entrepreneurs.

Asked why he decided to adapt and venture into this format, Zed stated that a podcast is a way to provide fresh content to his audience.

“It provides the audience with authentic discussions, whether in bite size by providing clips from the podcasts or a full-on session as they watch the full length episodes,” he added.

A screengrab of a Faxxoflife podcast in session. PHOTO: FAXXOFLIFE
A Minum n Talk podcast in session. PHOTO: MINUM N TALK

Another local podcast on the list is ‘Minum n Talk’ created by tech savvy Muhammad Nur Thaqif (MNT). MNT started off on YouTube, inspired by popular tech YouTubers MKBHD and DAVE22. This is highly evident in the way MNT presents his videos, especially the top quality aesthetics and visuals in his presentations.

Following his beginnings on YouTube, MNT then stepped into Instagram and now reaches out to his audience with his Minum n Talk podcasts.

Aimed primarily at avid content creators, Minum n Talk provides a glimpse into the world of just that.

“I invite a guest with different backgrounds – ie, freelancers, streamers, start-ups and content creators – and ask them a series of questions about themselves and how they do the things they do,” said MNT.

“The core objective of my podcast is to be as informative as it can be for the audience who has the same interest and doesn’t know how and where to start. As a content creator myself, I can relate to the struggle of not having any knowledge or guidance to start. I hope my podcast can give the audience at least one or two ideas to kick-start their ideas,” he explained.

From listening to and watching the two different podcasts I can see that there are similarities but what shines through and sets them apart are the presentation and the personality behind the podcasts. Each is unique and presented in its own way. Anyone listening or watching can find something they can relate to and again, a greater variety is never a bad thing.

Asked about podcasting in the country, MNT said, “To date, Brunei only has a few podcasters that I know of – it isn’t a trend in Brunei yet and starting one of my own could entice others who are interested in podcasting too.”

MNT also shared a few tips for those who might be wondering how to start a podcast.

The first thing is to know what your podcast is about, he said. Secondly, with regards to equipment, he said that it is easily accessible and can be sourced from local stores.

“You do not need expensive equipment to start a podcast, all you need is a microphone and a laptop or PC to connect your microphone to, and you’re good to go,” he said.

“You will need to subscribe to a podcast-hosting website for posting your podcast to audio platforms. I personally use Buzzsprout since it is user-friendly and less hassle,” he continued.

“An investment still needs to be made, but don’t rush your decision. Don’t overspend, do your research and make sure your investment aligns with the value that you’d want to put out to your audience,” added MNT.

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