Some Alaska Costco shoppers say ravens steal their groceries

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA (AP) — Some Alaska Costco shoppers said they’ve had their groceries stolen by ravens in the store parking lot.

Matt Lewallen said he was packing his groceries into his car in the parking lot of an Anchorage Costco when ravens swooped in to steal a short rib from his cart, the Anchorage Daily News reported last Friday.

“I literally took 10 steps away and turned around, two ravens came down and instantly grabbed one out of the package, ripped it off and flew off with it,” Lewallen said.

Lewallen said the piece of meat was about 10-by-18 centimetres large — a sizable meal for a sizeable bird. “They know what they’re doing; it’s not their first time,” Lewallen said. “They’re very fat so I think they’ve got a whole system there.”

Additional raven thief sightings have emerged on social media.

Anchorage resident Tamara Josey referred to the ravens as “calculating”. She said ravens hovered her in an attempt to steal her groceries.

“I had two ravens, one that was on the car next to me and he kept squawking really loud,” Josey said.

“He would sit on the car and stare at me, then hop next to the bed of the truck on the other side, and he kept going back and forth. The other raven was on the ground. He kept trying to pull my melons off the cart,” she said. “They just stayed posted, waiting for their next opportunity to steal something out of my cart. They are very dedicated to their mission,” she added.

A raven investigates the contents of a shopping cart while another walks by on the ground in a Costco parking lot in south Anchorage, Alaska. PHOTO: AP