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Some 2,500 migrants storm border with Spain’s Melilla

MADRID (AFP) – Around 2,500 migrants stormed the border fence separating the Spanish enclave of Melilla from Morocco yesterday, with some 500 managing to cross, in one of the largest influxes in recent years.

The migrants used “hooks” to scale the high fence that separates the tiny territory from Morocco and threw rocks at police, the Spanish government’s local delegation said in a statement.

“The great violence used by the migrants… overwhelmed the Moroccan security forces who were trying to prevent them from reaching the fence,” it added.

Three Spanish Guardia Civil police suffered “slight injuries” in the incident and three migrants were also treated for injuries near the fence.

About 2,5000 sub-Saharan African migrants stormed the border at around 9.30am, but Spanish security forces managed to “neutralise most of them” and only 500 managed to get in, the statement said.

Melilla and Ceuta, another Spanish territory in North Africa, have the European Union’s (EU) only land borders with Africa.

They are favoured entry points for African migrants seeking a better life in Europe, who get there by either climbing over the border fence or by swimming along the coast.

Claimed by Morocco, the two cities have long been a flashpoint in diplomatic relations between Rabat and Madrid, which insists both are integral parts of Spain.

Migrants arrive at a holding centre after crossing the fences separating the Spanish enclave of Melilla from Morocco. PHOTO: AP

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